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2020 Cohousing Open:A Cooperative ConferenceThe 2020 Cohousing Open, coming up Sunday, October 4, is a virtual gathering, a cooperative conference, for and by everybody involved in the cohousing movement. Community members, founders, seekers, and professionals.

While it is hosted and organized by the national cohousing association (Coho/US), it will be up to all of us to convene sessions on topics we want to discuss. We don't have to be the experts, just willing to step up and put a topic in one of the spots for discussion.

The great thing about the idea of "Open" is that we aren't reliant on any one person, expert, or organization to get people together. This is an unofficial site created by participants in the conference, sponsored by Cohousing California and other regional groups, designed to encourage others to participate and share their plans, and to continue conversations after the conference. Nothing on this page represents the views of Coho/US or other organizers. For the official conference site, go here.